About Me

About the DJ:
DJ D’Lish (Devran Mustafoglu) began DJ’ing in November 2008, but her obsession with music began as a little girl. Her passion and love for all types of music is evident in her extensive and eclectic music library. Growing up in an ethnically diverse family and traveling annually, she has come to respect and admire various genres of music. She not only loves to sing and play the piano (Classical, Broadway, Pop, Indie), but also grew up dancing jazz, modern, and hip-hop.

So what makes DJ D’Lish so delicious? Her vast collection of music, unique remixes, and ability to get the crowd dancing and partying. Always ahead of the curve, DJ D’Lish’s speciality lies in her keen ability to select and play songs before they become publicly known & popular. She has DJ’d club events, private parties, theme parties, cocktail functions, weddings, art shows, and multiple fundraiser events. DJ D’Lish began writing her music blog in September ’09, which includes weekly posts that feature her latest mixes, reviews of DJ’s that perform in the U.S. and the newest house, progressive, electronic & trance music. She spins house, hip-hop, electronica, lounge, and world music!

DJ D’Lish has lived in LA for 12 years and attended the University of Southern California for her undergraduate and graduate education. She has a Masters in Communication Management and Marketing and currently works for Total Beauty Media as an Email Marketing Specialist.


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  • DJ Rap Marz featured DJ D’Lish as his ARTIST SPOTLIGHT of the month for May 2010

Inspirational Music Quotes:

It’s the tingle in your skin, the beat of your heart, the tap of your foot, the sway of your hands. It’s the rush, the power, the energy that penetrates your every being, surging full force like electricity through your soul. Just for that one moment, that one song you are free – abandoning all responsibilities and reservations. You’re floating above yourself, above it all… You have become the music and it has become you.”

“Music, for me, has always been a place where anything is possible–a refuge, a magical world where anyone can go, where all kinds of people can come together, and anything can happen. We are limited only by our imaginations.”

“Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness and life to everything.”

“The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought.”

“What remains is the music. It was the music that brought us together, music that kept us in touch, music that saw us through and, finally, out. Appropriately, the same music that shaped our lives soothed our deaths…. When music is your way of life — your blood, your air, your ground — it informs every moment, even the silent ones…. The music never stops. It helps us to remember, helps us to connect, helps us to go on. And on.”

“Not everyone understands House music; it’s a spiritual thing; a body thing; a soul thing.”

  1. DJ D’Lish is too d’lish!!!

    I have seen her at a private house party and at Aqua Lounge and she blew my mind! #1 fan for life…

  2. doesnt matter how much you are beautiful.just i love your stile i excatly should meet u.

  3. Monsieur Civ Civ

    “That’s delicious!”

  4. Your mix is off the hook! You should mix in some old school Ja Rule! That would be hot!

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