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FUNFetti Friday!

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – Dance Again (Extended Mix)

Shawnee Taylor ft. Sympho Nympho – Colors (Original Mix)

Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Dirty South Remix)

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner ft. Luciana – We Own The Night

Felix Cartal feat. Miss Palmer – Black To White (Original Mix)

Rita Ora feat Tinie Tempah – RIP (Gregor Salto US Club Mix)

The Shapeshifters – Shake Shake

A Warm Winter’s Night

I’m going to be honest, I was never a HUGE Christmas music fan — I know shame on me. But recently, I’ve been getting back into it. All the covers and re-makes of these traditional Christmas songs make them seem newer and to me, definitely more enjoyable.

It’s that time of year again — yeah you know when you use the cold as an excuse to cuddle, you get to wrap (and unwrap) all those gifts, decorate for hours on end to make your house resemble some part of a winter wonderland, (don’t forget overeating), but most importantly to me, it’s when you spend time with the ones you love. This year I hope you are as lucky as I am to spend time with the people who matter most to you…to not only show how much you care for one another, but also to relax, eat well, laugh whole heartedly, remember those who couldn’t be with you and hopefully to listen to some holiday tunes 🙂 Happy Holidays!

The Lulls in Traffic – Silver Bells are Only Ringing Grey

She & Him – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Lady Gaga – White Christmas

Sarah McLachlan – I’ll be home for Christmas

Sarah McLachlan – The First Noel/Mary Mary

Ingrid Michaelson/Sara Bareilles – Winter Song

Michael Buble – Silent Night

Celine Dion – Ave Maria

MOMENTum paused

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

Taking it down a notch this week, I wanted to post some songs with a slower, more intimate tempo. While it’s great to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, or what I like to also call listening to beat banging house music 24/7 (yes I do this in the early morning too), it’s also important to slow down and… relax. So have a cocktail, read a book, or indulge in a thought-provoking conversation. Deviate from the speed and create a moment for yourself.

Ministry of Funk – Smooth (Original Mix)

Phonique feat. Rebecca – Feel What You Want (Original Mix)

Matteo Dimarr – Creep (Original Mix)

Ben Westbeech – Inflections

Mario Basanov feat. Miss Bee – Just Think About (Original Mix)

Stimming – Cheesecake (Original Mix)

Mélomane Monday: She’s Back

Today is about the MUSIC! I’ve got songs with sexy & seductive female vocals (because that’s what I’m in the mood for!), upcoming DJ shows in LA & OC, & release dates of new albums!

Bertie Blackman – Baby Teeth (Luke Chable Remix)

Bertie Blackman – Thump (Nick Galea Remix)

Will & The People – Knocking (Sandy Rivera Club Mix)

Serge Devant ft. Haley – Wanderer

Serge Devant – Addicted

Calvin Harris – You Used to Hold Me (Laidback Luke Remix) Ok this one isn’t female, but you’ll enjoy it anyway!

**Upcoming Events that I will most likely be attending & ones that may interest YOU:

1) If you’re in LA – Saturday April 24th Steve Angello and AN21 will be performing at Avalon in Hollywood. For ticket information, click HERE

2) Robbie Rivera at Sutra in Orange County Thursday April 29th

3) Robbie Rivera, Shapeshifters, & Bobina at Avalon in Hollywood Saturday May 1

**Upcoming Album Releases:

Kaskade – “DYNASTY” Released May 11, 2010

Booka Shade – “MORE!” Released May 4, 2010

Also tickets go on sale for the Electric Daisy Carnival in LA on June 25, 26 2010 More info HERE

Mélomane Monday: Progress Me Now

I am finally back! Sorry to you all for being a little MIA. Life has been a little busy with the holidays quickly approaching. For some reason, my collection of “progressive” house songs seems to have grown within the last week. It’s time I share this great music with you all! Every song has a beat that will rock you and lyrics that will talk to you. Enjoy!

Miami Horror – Sometimes (Hook n Sling Remix) LINK on SoundCloud

Sometimes, when all that's lost remains
Drink from the fountain of youth and never age again
Sometimes it jump across to every cloud
Fly away get lost and never be found

Bent – As You Fall (Guy J Remix) LINK on SoundCloud

So is this how You were found? Like a star fallen To the ground?
As you fall You make no sound As you fall Wish for a place where you want to be

Gui Boratto – Notations Link on HypeM

** (my pick of the week) DJ Rap – Give it All Away (Sultan & Ned Shepard Mix) LINK on YouTube

We’re here today, gone tomorrow, doesn’t really matter anyway

Give it all, give it all, give it all away

Groovenatics – Can’t Get Enough LINK on SoundCloud

Other favorites: Armin Van Buuren – Broken Tonight (Hardwell Remix), 68 Beats & Lizzie Curious – Meant To Be (Muzikjunkie Vocal Mix)

Mélomane Monday: What She Wants, What She Likes

There’s something to be said for a woman that knows what she wants and knows what she likes. Some may call it aggressive, domineering, or even sassy. I just call it being smart. 🙂  The song list today includes a variety of genres featuring female vocalists. I’m going to refrain from posting lyrics today (seeing as though they may be a little provocative). Let these vocalists seduce you into their song.  To help you get in the mood: Luciana sings in “I Like That” : My Body rocks the rhythm, you beat my drum hard. I like that!

Anya Marina – Whatever You Like Link on HypeM

Dirty Stop Out – Tie Me Up Link on YouTube

Larry Tee, Afrojack, Roxy Cottontail, David Guetta – Nasty Toyfriend (Flavo Bootleg) Link on SoundCloud

Madonna – Revolver (David Guetta Remix) Link on Zippyshare

Richard Vission ft. Static Revenger – I like that Link on YouTube

Vandalism – She Got it (Jack Hammer Remix) Link on YouTube

Songs of the Season: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner and to be honest I have a love/hate relationship with this particular holiday. Why? Well first of all, I for some reason decide that it’s ok to pile my plate with food sky high, go back for seconds, and eat dessert. After being in a tryptophan coma, I always seem to regret how much I ate! But then it’s not over – here come the leftovers. On the other hand, (this is the love part) it is always great to spend time with your family on this holiday. The list of songs I have for today do not adhere to one genre. They are songs that remind me of Love, Togetherness, Happiness, and most of all Thankfulness.

“Best of all is it to preserve everything in a pure, still heart, and let there be for every pulse a thanksgiving, and for every breath a song.”
– Konrad von Gesner

Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home Link on HypeM

James Morrison – Wonderful World Link on HypeM

Graham Colton – Best Days Link on HypeM

Adele – Make you feel my love Link on HypeM

8MM – Forever and Ever Amen Link on YouTube

Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer Link on Amazon

Eddie Thoenick – Together as One Link on TrackitDown

Happy Thanksgiving!

Songs to Soothe the Soul

Recently, I have begun to expand my musical library to include an even wider range of genres than what I already have. Perhaps being in a somber mood helped me compile the list of artists and songs I have for you today. Besides being inspired by these singers/songwriters, I felt that it was appropriate to begin today’s post with some powerful quotes that complement today’s theme: Jazz.

“Jazz is a feeling, more than anything else. It isn’t music, it’s language…” -Enos Payne

“Jazz music is the power of now. There is no script. It’s conversation. The emotion is given to you by musicians as they make split-second decisions to fulfill what they feel the moment requires.” -Wynton Marsalis

Some of the artists I chose today are classic jazz singers that you will all recognize and some are more contemporary. Regardless, these singers bring a passion, a story, and genuine emotion to each one of their songs.

Ayoe Angelica – Never Drown & Dr. Jekyll. Ayoe Angelica, a Danish/Ethiopian 2o year old, released her album in Spring of 2008. A more contemporary jazz artist, Ayoe has combined jazz, minimal electronic beats, and bass into her Jazz-Pop songs to give it a more lounge-like sound.

Never Drown is a somber, yet sultry song about struggling to stay above water (metaphorically) in the face of hardship and heartbreak, while refusing to be consumed. YouTube Link

“When life won’t dance with me, I still breathe,  I could never give in, never give in like this. My barefeet in water ill become, The water surrounding me ill become, Youre the surface when I come up for air I become, I could never drown, never drown like this.”

Dr. Jekyll is another song off Ayoe’s album, which is a little more playful than Never Drown. As Ayoe sings about the dual personality of this so-called “Dr. Jekyll,” you feel her pain as she tries to understand this love entanglement.

“Your character is fading out the image I have made of you, All colours in your signature that used to be now they’re all blue, An eye for an eye turn the other cheek Dr. Jekyll what you want with me,Could you really love someone like me”

Melody Gardot – Worrisome Heart She’s a jazz singer, writer, and musician. From her 2008 album Worrisome Heart, this bluesy song accompanied by piano and bass will draw you deep into the jazz world. Her Eva Cassidy-like sound is comforting & therapeutic. Link on

“I need a hand with my worrisome heart, I need a hand with my worrisome heart, I would be lucky to find me a man, Who could love me the way that I am, With this here worrisome heart, I need a break from my troubling ways”

Nina Simone – I Put a Spell On You Known as the “High Priestess of Soul,” Nina Simone was an inspiration to the jazz world. If you like this one try: Feeling Good, Little Girl Blue (Postal Service Remix), and Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat’s Heavenly House Mix) Link on

Billie Holiday – Summertime (Organica Remix) She wasn’t the first artist to record Summertime; however, her version was one that would create an unmatched standard of excellence in this genre, making this song memorable to all. Link on HypeM

Girl Power

Today, I didn’t want to just give you one song, but a couple. I chose to do this based on the theme of the day “Girl Power.” Songs for today come from four very talented female artists with similar, yet very different styles.

1. Imogen Heap: Aha! This quirky, yet creepy instrumentally appealing rollercoaster of a song paired with Imogen’s engaging vocals will have you praising this artist’s creativity and originality. You will be pleasantly surprised!  Aha! on YouTube

“Nicest sweetest
Utmost in everything
it’s so charming, very charming
Well reckon play the fool
no one’s ill at ease
And put the deepest swiss bank trust in you
No one saw it coming. Aha!”

2. Damhnait Doyle: I want you to want me It’s a cover from Cheap Trick’s original and a song you are most definitely familiar with. This remake by Damhnait Doyle is a somewhat sorrowful and heartfelt call for love, sprinkled with a familar ballerina music-box-like feel in the background. I want you to want me on

“I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
I’d love you to love me.
I’m beggin’ you to beg me”

3. Ann Peebles: I can’t stand the rain Ann Peebles’ soulful voice accompanied with the jazzy blues feel of this song absorbs you into her story of feeling empty as the rain reminds her of a lost loved one. Can’t Stand Rain on HypeM

I can’t stand the rain
Against my window
Bringing back sweet memories

Hey, window pane
Do you remember
How sweet it used to be

When we was together
Everything was so grand
Now that we’ve parted
There’s just one sound
That I just can’t stand”

4. The Noisettes: Never Forget You Adele meets Amy Winehouse as lead singer Shingai Shoniwa and her indie rock band come together for a head bobbing & foot tapping performance. This upbeat song is also somewhat reminiscent of others from the time period of “Grease.” Never Forget You on Daily Motion

I know this world feels
Like an empty stage
I wouldn’t change a thing
So glad you’re back again

I’ll never forget you
They said we’d never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me”

The Progressive Copy Cat

Today’s post is about a song I found a couple weeks ago that I wanted to share because of it’s eerie  similarity to another progressive hit from this past Summer. If you were in Europe this Summer or are merely an avid progressive listener, you may be familiar with Sidekick’s – Deep Fear. Released at the end of September, most likely due to Deep Fear’s popularity, was a new song that incorporated an altered reconstruction of Deep Fear’s buoyancy and beats (it even includes the same slowed section with violin). The song is called Armonia by Matthew Mind & John Dabel. Will this song challenge the popularity of Deep Fear? I’m not too sure. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Sidekick – Deep Fear (Phobia Mix) YouTube

Matthew Mind John Dabel – Armonia on Trackitdown (If you like the Original, try the Alessio Collina or Federico Milani mixes. You can also find them on Trackitdown.


GaGa for Bad Romance

It’s Fun, It’s Sexy, & it’s dark and twisty…how can you NOT pay attention to a song that starts with Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah!
Roma-Roma-ma-ah! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!

The ever multi-talented Lady Gaga once again has demonstrated her flamboyant and eccentric artistic and vocal talents in her new song Bad Romance. This electro-pop masterpiece is not only catchy, but also speaks to those of us who have maybe been a little bit naughty 🙂 What do YOU think?

“I want your loving
And I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
I want your loving
All your love is revenge”

“I want your horror
I want your design
‘Cause you’re a criminal
As long as your mine
I want your love”

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance YouTube

Music Monday & Anjelique

It’s that time again… yes MONDAY. Today has been a pretty exciting day for me because I just found out that I am DJ’ing another event this Saturday for a Republic Day Ball in Long Beach! (People are always surprised when a girl dj (in a formal dress) gets up to play some dance music. That’s just how I like it 🙂

The song I will give you for today is called.. wait for it… Monday by Carlo Dall’Anese & Fabio Castro Monday on YouTube. This song comes off one of my favorite CDs, “Sounds of Anjelique Vol. 3.” Anjelique is very popular club in Istanbul Turkey that overlooks the beautiful bosphorus. Anjelique is known for its untouchable house music and lively, hip crowd. When you leave, it’s hard to forget the captivating view, heart-pumping music, and the decorative angel wings that hang from the club’s entrance. Click Anjelique Link to see the Club!

If you like this song, download more from Sounds of Anjelique Vol. 1, 2, & 3.

In for the kill or in for the killing?

As I was going through my long list of daily blogs, I came across a song by one of my new favorite artists: La Roux. I’m sure many of you have heard of La Roux (hopefully) and agree that this electro pop duo’s songs and lyrics can truly speak to you. La Roux’s “In For the Kill” (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix) has a steady pulse-like rhythm (the remix name suggests a club vibe- which it’s not) that allows you to concentrate on singer Elly Jackson’s smooth vocals.

This post may be a little longer than the others because I wanted to discuss the lyrics of this song. Here are some of the lyrics:

We can fight our desires
But when we start making fires
We get ever so hot
Whether we like it or not
They say we can love who we trust
But what is love without lust?
Two hearts with accurate devotions
And what are feelings without emotions?

I’m going in for the kill
I’m doing it for a thrill
Oh I’m hoping you’ll understand
And not let go of my hand

I hang my hopes out on the line
Will they be ready for you in time
If you leave them out too long
They’ll be withered by this song
Full stops and exclamation marks
My words stumble before I start
How far can you send emotions?
Can this bridge cross the ocean?

This song had me thinking about relationships (yet again) and about a person exposing his or her emotions to someone else. As love is a risky endeavor and can often be one sided, the vulnerability and lack of reciprocation we feel when expressing ourselves could potentially injure our hearts. We always have the option though: reveal our genuine emotions without fear of rejection or keep these feelings to ourselves. Regardless of what we choose to do, we will either be going in for the kill to try and get what we want or in for the killing, as what or shall I say who we want, may not want us in return.

Here’s the YouTube Link to the song: La Roux – In For the Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix)

What you think is cool.

So, I’ve been away for a couple days and now I’m back with your new party song for the weekend!

Here it is: Spencer & Hill – Cool (Original Mix). Spencer & Hill Cool Original Mix YouTubeThis upbeat, electro song with female vocals paired with the recurring lyrics “What you think that we we think is cool” is bound to get you dancing and ready to party.

If its NOT electro enough for you – try the Inphinity Remix. Spencer & Hill Cool Inphinity Remix

Enjoy the weekend!

FALL’ing into Autumn

Hi all-

I think it’s time that we have come to the sad realization that Summer is officially over. Luckily, those of us living in LA have been able to enjoy 80 degree weather for the past couple of weeks, but now – fall is in the air! As the weather cools and we pull out our sweaters & boots, drink our hot cocoa, and prepare for Halloween, I thought the song I chose for today was perfectly appropriate for this new fall mood.

John Dahlback released “Autumn” (Original Mix) John Dahlback Autumn on YouTube a little while back, but it is still one of my favorites. It’s one of those songs that can uplift you, even if the weather may bring you down. (I’m a little attached to summer). If you like what you hear, try John Dahlback – Scared of Autumn (Mebbo’s Mash), which is a bootleg version!

Being the California girl I am & thinking 60 degrees is chilly, I will end by saying – STAY WARM!

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