I Rock I Sweat I Dance

It’s Tuesday and it is POURING rain in LA. After some consideration, I decided not to go the gloomy route and post a depressing slow song for today. Instead, I am going to try and uplift my mood with an upbeat song I just recently discovered! By Italians Morris Corti & Eugenio Lamedica I Rock, I Sweat, I Dance Original Mix YouTube has a groovy flair to it that will definitely get you moving. Paired with piano and electro beats, this song speaks to those of us that truly get into the music when we are dancing!

If you like the song, lucky for you, there are lots of remixes! Try the Marcel Remix Marcel Remix YouTube, the Original Corti and LaMedica Remix Corti & LaMedica Remix YouTube, or the Tote DJ Remix (a little more electro).

Don’t stop Dancing 🙂 Even if it’s raining!

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