Girl Power

Today, I didn’t want to just give you one song, but a couple. I chose to do this based on the theme of the day “Girl Power.” Songs for today come from four very talented female artists with similar, yet very different styles.

1. Imogen Heap: Aha! This quirky, yet creepy instrumentally appealing rollercoaster of a song paired with Imogen’s engaging vocals will have you praising this artist’s creativity and originality. You will be pleasantly surprised!  Aha! on YouTube

“Nicest sweetest
Utmost in everything
it’s so charming, very charming
Well reckon play the fool
no one’s ill at ease
And put the deepest swiss bank trust in you
No one saw it coming. Aha!”

2. Damhnait Doyle: I want you to want me It’s a cover from Cheap Trick’s original and a song you are most definitely familiar with. This remake by Damhnait Doyle is a somewhat sorrowful and heartfelt call for love, sprinkled with a familar ballerina music-box-like feel in the background. I want you to want me on

“I want you to want me.
I need you to need me.
I’d love you to love me.
I’m beggin’ you to beg me”

3. Ann Peebles: I can’t stand the rain Ann Peebles’ soulful voice accompanied with the jazzy blues feel of this song absorbs you into her story of feeling empty as the rain reminds her of a lost loved one. Can’t Stand Rain on HypeM

I can’t stand the rain
Against my window
Bringing back sweet memories

Hey, window pane
Do you remember
How sweet it used to be

When we was together
Everything was so grand
Now that we’ve parted
There’s just one sound
That I just can’t stand”

4. The Noisettes: Never Forget You Adele meets Amy Winehouse as lead singer Shingai Shoniwa and her indie rock band come together for a head bobbing & foot tapping performance. This upbeat song is also somewhat reminiscent of others from the time period of “Grease.” Never Forget You on Daily Motion

I know this world feels
Like an empty stage
I wouldn’t change a thing
So glad you’re back again

I’ll never forget you
They said we’d never make it
My sweet joy
Always remember me”

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