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Mélomane Monday with Tiësto

Ok – it’s Monday. Who REALLY likes Mondays? Not many of us I presume. This Monday is going to be different. Why? Because this post is going to be all about Tiesto! (Sorry in advance to those of you who are not fans). In anticipation for Tiesto’s slew of performances this coming week at LA’s Shrine Auditorium, I wanted to get everyone pumped up for the show – yes that includes MYSELF! I could literally sit here and name all of Tiesto’s top songs, my favorites, or best collaborations, but there’s not time for that. Since he just released new album Kaleidoscope in October 2009, I will be listing my favorite tracks off this new cd. Just as David Guetta’s new album featured numerous collaborations, Kaleidoscope spans a wide range of guest vocalists. This post won’t have any song descriptions, but a small blurb of lyrics (since I am a sucker for those). Ok, less talking and more music. Here we go.

Knock You Out feat. Emily Haines

Somebody to rough you up/Somebody to make it tough/Somebody to bait you/Somebody to love

Here on Earth feat. Carey Brothers

And the closer that you get, with the force of all the weight/And it’s also clear, do you want to feel her

Escape Me feat. CC Sheffield

Pierce my lips/Don’t shred me down to strips/You’re way too good at it/You’re way too good at it/Escape me

I will be Here feat. Sneaky Sound System

When the big road falls apart/And you think that the feeling will linger/You need somewhere to start
I will be here

I am Strong feat. Priscilla Ahn

Look at me, here I am (I am strong)/Reaching for your arms again/Saw the hurt and all the pain (I am strong now)/And get back on my feet again/(I am strong now)

Who wants to Be Alone feat. Nelly Furtado

But with that moon in the sky/Who wants to be alone/And when the stars shine so bright/Who wants to be alone/Don’t take me home/Til the sun comes up till the sun comes up

Feel it in my Bones feat. Tegan and Sara

I feel you in my bones/You’re knocking at my windows/You’re slow to letting me go/And I know this feeling also/This feeling in my bones

All song previews are listed here: Tiesto Kaleidoscope Track Listing and Preview Link

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