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My Lips are Sealed

Call me a hopeless romantic, well… that’s probably what I am, but for today’s post, I was inspired by none other than those crazy emotions we have for someone we care about. Yes, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Those initial feelings that get your blood pumping, your heart racing (yah house music does that to me too) 🙂 , and of course your mind thinking and thinking… and thinking. But most importantly – these emotions we so freely feel, but so cautiously hide. WHY? For fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of ultimately getting hurt. This post is dedicated to those that can’t share how they feel, to those that need to step up and speak out, and to those who should take the risk of being vulnerable so that they can move forward without having regrets. This post includes a list of songs, lyrics, and images!

You’re my inspiration
Got a special way to get me to believe
Got a special way with me
Filled with admiration
I capture every word you say
Just to get me through the day
While this situation
Has made you fall apart
That you are slowly, slowly breaking
And I don’t know what hit us
But I know it’s my turn
To show you how strong I am

FLASH BROTHERS – More Than You Know (Da Fresh Remix) or Original if you prefer a slower/chillout version


you’re strong and that’s your weakness
but no weakness shall cause grief forever!
nor strength shall be your destiny
your destiny is to come by itself
so let things play according to the rules
of your life

V-SAG FEAT. ALEXANDRA MCKAY- Feather (DJ Tarkan Intro Mix)

BT & ANDREW BAYER – The Emergency (Marcus Schossow Remix)

STEVE ALLEN, SEAN GODSALL ft. MOLLY – Holding on (Stefano Azati Remix)

You’ve got me caught in a place
Panic for a minute
Got my brain in a daze
I wish you weren’t in it
There are so many ways
To lose your attention
You can break everything
But so I can take anything

ELLIE GOULDING – Little Dreams

Fuego Friday

Today is Fuego Friday for 2 reasons: 1 – LA is currently experiencing SUMMER weather in October…yes it is 95 degrees outside and extremely HOT! 2 – It’s FRIDAY, so I think it’s time to get excited for the weekend!

Since the weather has me feeling as though it is summer, this new Marcus Schossow song named Tequila Link to MS – Tequila seems perfect for the temperature outside. With a Spanish flair mixed in with piano and a moderate beat, this song will surely remind you (if you’re not currently in LA) of those summer days that aren’t too far behind us. After all, regardless of where you live, it IS the weekend and why not drink some Tequila to celebrate 🙂

If you’re a fan on the Spanish flair mixed with the house beat – try downloading Marcus Schossow & Thomas Sagstad – Crepuscolo MS and TS – Crepuscolo YouTube (one of My personal favorites).

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