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New Mix: DJ D’Lish – IstanbuLove

For the LONGEST time, I have wanted to put together a mix of house music with a middle eastern influence – well the time has finally come! This mix is close to my heart, as a lot of the songs are produced and performed by Turkish DJs (I’m part Turkish). It is always a joy to travel to Istanbul, Turkey every summer and listen to some of these non-mainstream artists capture the essence of this beautiful country in their music & integrate these authentic sounds into the lounge and house genres.

Please enjoy!

DJ D’Lish – IstanbuLove

Andale, Andale

My favorite time of year is quickly approaching (yes it’s Summer)… even though it  isn’t considered to begin until the 20/21st of June, warm weather & sunny days are getting me in the mood for summer tunes. While I can’t be in Europe just yet for vacation, I CAN pretend I’m sitting on a tropical beach sipping on some sangria, listening to my Latin House music! I’m DJ’ing an event on May 23rd called Bosphorus on the Pacific Summer Nights Cruise/Dinner in Newport Beach & have already started compiling a playlist of the newest hits from overseas. One album that I just downloaded, Suat Atesdagli’s Blackk, is full of middle eastern and spanish inspired tunes. I will also most likely be playing songs from all the Bosphorus Nights compilations, Chill Out Istanbul 2009, the Cafe Archy Lounge Collection, and more!

Bosphorus on the Pacific Invite

**Stereo Palma – Andale (Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest South Beach Mix)

Otherview – So Long (Rivaz Club Mix) This one was definitely inspired by Edward Maya’s Stereo Love from last year!

Wawa ft. Fabal – Sombrita (Wawa Club Mix)

Juan Magan – Maria

Italian Disco Mafia – Italiano

Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano (yes I featured this one my most recent mix & in another post. It just made the top 10 on the Beatport charts so I felt compelled to include it yet AGAIN)

Andrea Fracasso – Senorita (Extended First Mix)

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