Happy Halloween: Tricks & Treats to come!

I know it’s a day early (but seriously, don’t we all start celebrating way before the 31st?), but HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everyone! I am getting ready to DJ a yacht party tonight and am EXTREMELY excited! Of course it’s always fun to DJ, but seeing 80 guests in full costume is also very enjoyable! Besides wishing everyone a Happy Halloween, I wanted to share with you my new ideas for the blog. I am planning on organizing my posts into these categories:

  • LA Spin: which will include weekly observations of DJs in Los Angeles & venues they are playing in
  • Seasonal Songs: which will feature compilation albums and/or artists appropriate to each season of the year
  • “mélomane” (french term for Music Lover): this entry will feature any and all things music, from my favorite song of the day, to the best way to find new artists and great remixes, to making the perfect party playlist
  • BPM Weekly (beats per minute) My recommendations for the best upbeat, dance/house/electronic music for the gym, pre-party and party playlists, for the car ride or wherever else you need to get pumped up!

Have a safe and fun weekend!!!!!!!!! xoxo

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