Mélomane Monday

DJ D'Lish Halloween

DJ'ing Halloween Yacht Party

Hello Hello! I hope you all survived and/or recovered from Halloween weekend: aka, didn’t eat too much candy, get scared to death (well ur alive if ur reading this), or partied till the sun came up (actually this could be a good thing!). My weekend was FULL of musical treats, beginning on Thursday evening all the way until Saturday night. I DJ’d a SPOOKtacular (sorry I had to do it one more time) Yacht Party on Friday night.  From Lady Gaga to David Guetta, Jay-Z to Rihanna, & LMFAO to La Roux, my set was filled with dance remixes, house, hiptronik, and r&b songs. (I even received requests for Real Housewives of Atlanta singer’s “Tardy for the Party,” which I politely declined to play because who on earth even has that song?) I would have to say this event was extremely successful! Saturday night I DJ’d a Private Fundraiser Event in Beverly Hills. Even though this party included a more diverse age group, these guests definitely wanted to party. They paraded themselves in a costume contest to Thriller & salsa’d all night long to Suavamente!

With that said, I am exhausted but the music must continue!… and so must our energy levels. Hence, I have chosen a very electro song for you today. (and just FYI – I will be posting other genres for those that are not electro/house music fans…I have not forgotten about you!) As I so uncomfortably sauntered around in my Burlesque Vampire costume this weekend (fangs are not so fun to glue to your own teeth), I felt like I was part of CarnEvil or some dark, eerie Circus. This mood fell perfectly insync with Federico Franchi’s new electro tune: Image feat. Becci. Image on YouTube.

With the stimulating lyrics and sensual vocals by Becci, this one will definitely get you rocking! As she says, “You wanna touch it grab it, cmon baby have it, you like it, i love it.” “I like to rock a beat!”

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