A D’Lish-ous Valentine’s Day

It was a Valentine’s party to remember. For all those couples and singles that attended the Valentine’s Eve Mansion Ball in Bel Air on Saturday night, the evening was filled with lots of love and might I add… music and dancing. From sipping champagne in the main house, guests were then lead to a beautifully lit Valentine’s themed courtyard. They were then directed into a decadent, red-infused ballroom with a giant checkered dancefloor and stage.

As guests entered the lavish room complete with roped off VIP areas and a fully stocked open bar, Florence and the  Machine’s “You’ve Got the Love” and Shwayze’s “Heart and Soul” warmly greeted the crowd. My dj setup was located  directly beneath a cozy arch, where I was constantly joined by as what I like to call: DJ D’Lish’s favorite groupies (Definitely had some additions that nite)

As the night progressed, I played a variety of genres…lots of new Timbaland remixes, David Guetta, Pitbull, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, Ke$sha, Bob Sinclar, and of course the fabulous Lady Gaga. Coordinating the playlist for this event was somewhat challenging as I wanted to include a little something for everyone. To my surprise, a majority of people repeatedly came up to the DJ booth to request House and Electronica songs and and artists, which of course made me very happy!

As the crowd started winding down at a very EARLY 2:30 am, they danced to Young Money’s Bedrock and Drake’s Best I ever Had. To end the night (and to get home at a decent hour) I closed with some of my personal favorite classic love songs: Unchained Melody and Fool’s Rush In. Definitely brought back memories of high school slow dancing!

Overall, this was a very successful event. I couldn’t have done it without the   D’Lish groupies for support and constant dancing!

For more pictures from the event and DJ D’Lish info, visit my Facebook Fan Page

Also visit LeFashion Monster for a review of V-day Street Style outfits from the evening.

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  1. Monsieur Civ Civ

    The night was amazing! If only I had some energy drinks to mix with my vodka! Amazing and DeLiCiOuS performance by DJ D’Lish

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