Mélomane Monday: Turn the Tide

I really don’t know where to begin for this post… the title today pretty much speaks for itself. I feel inspired to write about what’s been happening in my life recently and to sum it up one word it would be change. I’m sure we all have varying feelings and opinions on change – most of us, included myself, don’t like major changes occurring in our lives (especially change beyond our own power). But sometimes, change isn’t so bad. Change can be the precursor to new beginnings and may also lead to the bettering of ourselves and our lives if we are able to accept it. As always, I have listed some lyrics in these songs that I feel are appropriate for this post.

Di-Rect – Times are Changing (East and Young Remix) Everybody is in a separate zone /All together but we’re so alone/Staring out through a wall of glass/Look away because it’s gonna crash

Bobina – Time and Tide (Gareth Emery Mix) “Every water bonds, where it meets the coast line.
The birth of a brand new day…”

Schiller, Nadia Ali – Try (Thomas Gold Remix) “Believe it’s true, you know that I try to make you feel alright”

Fenech Soler – Stop and Stare “Stop and Stare because we don’t know where we’re going”

**Morgan Page – Only Human “After all we’re only human, flesh and blood we’re only human…”

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