Do You Hear What You’re Listening to?

These abstract wordless movements / they start off cells that haven’t been touched before / these cells are virgins waking up slowly / My headphones they saved my life / Your tape it lulled me to sleep (Bjork – Headphones)

They’re your escape, your journey, your solace as you put them on and they channel you into that musical realm that belongs to you and only you. They are the medium that takes you from reality to fantasy. As they rest on your head generously pumping sounds into your ears, you are able to bury yourself in a mood, daydream, or even temporarily run away into a sea of music notes.

Since these objects of musical transference play such a big part in our entire listening and DJ’ing experience, I wanted to share some pictures of my favorite headphones!

So time to take out those headphones, whatever color, shape or size they are, download these songs, and get excited!

SayCet: Opal (Error :: Love – Opalowsky Remix)

Kid Sister: Daydreamin’ (Jakwob Remix)

Booka Shade: Regenerate

Fred Lila, ImanoS: Be Loved

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  1. Love this! Love you! You rock!

  2. So does Le Fashion Monster! 🙂

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