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See You At Sunset

As I prepare for my next DJ event in late February, as well as the coming Spring (my favorite months to be outside with a cocktail and some lounge music), I have been searching high and low for what I like to call … European Lounge! This “genre” of music, as I’ve termed it, can come from all over the world and contain lyrics in different languages. I’m especially attracted to middle eastern and latino lounge, but also enjoy French and Portuguese as well! I hope these songs can take you to a place of relaxation….whether its a small cafe in Paris or the seaside of the Mediterranean.

(All Songs contain links)

Cibelle – Green Grass [Album: The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves]

Wax Tailor – Seize the Day [Album: Cafe Archy – Lounge Collection 5]

Thievery Corporation – Until the Morning [Album: The Richest Man in Babylon]

Rupa and the April Fishes – Maintenent [Album: Cafe Archy – Lounge Collection 5]

Natacha Atlas – Just Like a Dream [Album: Cafe Archy – Lounge Collection 5]

Grooveyard – Seven Mile [Album: Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions Vol. 8]

Her Majesty’s Sound – Les Larmes [Album: Seriously Good Music: Cocktail]

Blushin’ Beats

As I prepare to DJ the opening of LA Blush Boutique‘s second location next week, I began thinking about how essential song selection is for different types of events. With a Blush’tini in hand and an appetite for the trendiest new & affordable clothes, customers definitely do not want to feel as though they are shopping in an ordinary store – especially at a store’s launch party. Here’s where I come in. First thing I consider when putting together my playlist is Who are these people?  and How do I want to make them feel? Secondly, I do not want to force them out of the store with very loud hardcore electro beats, because honestly – this isn’t a club (even though MY ideal store would have house music playing 24/7).

With that said, I want to create a classy experience for these shoppers. One that will excite them, stimulate their senses, and maybe even put a little swing in their step (or maybe that will be from the Blush’tinis?). Today’s song selection will include some of the artists and my favorite songs I will be incorporating into my playlist at the November 18th Launch Party of Blush Boutique in Calabasas.

For more information about Blush Boutique please visit: Blush Encino on Facebook and

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